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                Motorized Table

                • Motorized TableMotorized Table
                  Motorized Table

                  Motorized Table

                  Our motorized table is easy to operate and move, has a secure wheel-locking mechanism, can hold a heavy load, has smooth elevation, runs quietly and has a wide range of elevation. It´s widely used to support all kinds of instruments in clinics, doctor´s offices and laboratories.


                  1. Motorized height adjustment for maximum convenience;
                  2. It's with connector for instruments;
                  3. One-button power elevation;
                  4. Spare power receptacle.


                  Dimensions: 510mm(L)X450mm(W)(20.1”x17.7”)
                  Dimensions of tabletop: 600mm (L) X400mm (W) (23.6”x15.7”) 
                  Range of elevation: 506mm - 876mm (19.9” ¨C 34.5”) 
                  Maximum Load: 100kg (About 220.5 pounds)
                  Power source: 110/220V - 60/50Hz
                  Net Weight: 22kg (About 48.5 pounds)
                  Gross Weight: 25kg (About 55.1 pounds)
                  Outpacking Dimensions:690mmX580X305mm (27.2”x22.8”x12.0”)
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